MediaSense is an Open-source Platform for Interactive Context-driven Applications using a Scalable Distributed Internet-of-Things Information-Sharing Platform

This is the development portal for the MediaSense Internet-Of-Things platform. MediaSense offers an open source platform for connecting people, places and things, enabling real-time and scalable context-aware applications. This portal offers information on the research, the platform, and the development kit enabling developers to create applications, which utilize the MediaSense platform.

About the MediaSense Platform:

The origins of MediaSense are found in the research in distributed context networks conducted during the Ambient Networks project of the EU 6th framework program. This became the basis of the MediaSense project which addressed the intelligent, ubiquitous and seamless sharing of context information between hosts on the Internet. This website hosts an open source distribution of what now is labelled MediaSense to support the development of applications which utilize distributed context information. The MediaSense platform is further developed in collaborative projects with partners from both industry and academia. The source code is licensed under The GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3.

Example Scenarios:

The MediaSense platform can be applied in a wide range of scenarios, e.g., health care, transport, smart home, crowd-sourcing, environmental sensing, and social applications, etc.